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At my firm, Sparks Law Office, PLLC, you’ll never be left wondering what your options are or what’s happening with your case. I’ll keep you informed and persuasively present your side of the story in your criminal case.

Attorney Brittany Sparks

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My Goal As Your Lawyer – Walk You Confidently Through A Tough Time

If you’ve never been arrested before, your first encounter with the law can be challenging. Whether you’re facing a charge of intoxicated driving or are wondering if a drug possession arrest is going to devastate your career, you need advice you can trust before you take your next step.

My name is Brittany Sparks, founder of Sparks Law Office, PLLC. Before I opened my own practice, I worked as an assistant prosecutor for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office. My years at the DA’s Office taught me how the state builds its case against you and helps me pick that case apart. I work closely with my clients, keeping them updated on what is happening in their case and what their options are. I do this because I need my clients to partner with me on building their defense, and they cannot make good choices if they do not have all the information and context available.

Proudly Serving The San Antonio Metro Area And Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe And Hays Counties

You Can Call On Me When The Stakes Are High

Most of my practice is concentrated on criminal defense. I thoroughly understand how a felony or misdemeanor charge can change your life. I’m dedicated to helping you minimize the consequences of your arrest and find a resolution that best serves your goals. I work with both Texas residents and visitors to our state who need help protecting their due process rights in court.

In addition to my criminal law practice, I also provide counsel and representation related to estate planning and probate. The choices you make related to your estate plan can provide comfort and peace of mind to your family after you’re gone. I will guide you through setting up an estate plan or helping you navigate our state’s probate process, regardless of the size of your estate.

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Attorney Brittany Sparks

Brittany Sparks